Writing Maximizer Program

The California bar exam examinee comes in all shapes and sizes, and with unique strengths and weaknesses.  The Writing Maximizer Program is designed for the examinee who needs a supplemental program built with the necessary tools to approach the essay portion of the California bar exam.
Each Writing Maximizer student receives the following:

  • Bar None Review’s 2 Volume California Essay Workbook (includes over 100 past bar exams)
  • Bar None Review’s highly sought after Bar Exam Template Book for the Essays
  • Bar None Review Bar Exam Outline
  • Book Bar None Review’s Evidence Outline (printed with color coded California distinctions)
  • 13 Strategically assigned essays to submit for review with extensive feedback and grading
  • Two Performance Tests to submit for review with extensive feedback and grading
  • A Writing Calendar with suggested dates and instructions for writing your essays and PTs
  • At least one meeting with our Founder, Lisa Duncanson
  • Two Bench Mark Meetings with an experience Bar None Review Bar Tutor

Initial Assessment:
Includes bar exam score review (if you are a repeater), identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and establishing benchmarks and goals.

First Benchmark Meeting (the first bench mark meeting is typically conducted at the halfway point in your studies)

Second Bench Mark Meeting (the second bench mark meeting is typically conducted two weeks before the bar exam in order to hone in on areas that still need improvement and to prepare you to start the ten day study plan for the last ten days leading up to the bar exam.)

In this second session students receive an evaluation of their progress to date, plan and establish future benchmarks and fine tune their studies.
Access to Bar None Review’s Digging Deeper email Series. This email series includes tips and must read past exams and answers selected by The Bar Exam Guru.

Writing Maximizer students receive the benefit of submitting up to 13 assigned essays and two performance exams during their studies. Each essay will be reviewed and returned with comprehensive and thorough feedback. This feedback will enable you to structure and tailor your writing to what is embraced by the California Bar Examiners.

This highly effective program gives you the freedom to study on your own while being provided with the necessary resources to develop methods and approaches for demands of the California essays. Take advantage of the Writing Maximizer Program to give you the edge you need to make this bar round your last.

We also provide support for the MBEs.