The Score Maximizer Program ​

The Score Maximizer Program was designed with the student in mind.  This is not a “one size fits all” course.  Students taking the Score Maximizer Program are taught a proven method for passing the California bar exam.

Too many students are not properly taught how to take the California bar exam.  Students need to learn more than just the substantive law. You need to remember this is a standardized test. Score Maximizer students are trained to tackle every aspect of the bar exam. You will learn how to write essays for the California Bar Examiners, how to dissect, approach, and write a performance test, and how to truly master the MBE section on the bar.

As a Score Maximizer student, you receive individual mentoring and coaching, exam grading, live instruction, access to the Bar Exam Cram Sessions, the Final Bar Exam Review, all course materials (including our highly sought after Exam Writing Template Book), and a personalized, individual study plan.  This program will work for you whether you are a first time taker, repeater or attorney-taker. Whether you work full time or have all day to studying.

Mentoring and Tutoring
Our bar exam tutors work with you and help you not only with your studies, but how to handle the stresses that come with it.  Our experienced tutors give personal attention and feedback to you during your studying.

Meetings include:
An initial assessment and biweekly benchmark meetings up through the bar exam
When we meet we will address your progress, assess and create benchmarks, and help with questions or concerns.  In addition, students receive email and phone support. Bar None Review cares about your progress and we know how much it means to have someone committed in your success.

Exam Writing Workshops
The exam writing workshops provide guided exposure to past bar exam essays, teach proven strategies and methods developed by historically embraced answers from the California bar exam. These sessions will give you what you need to write effectively for the California Bar Examiners.

Performance Test Maximizer
The Performance Test Maximizer provides the skills you need to prepare for the modified 90-minute performance test. Learn how to manage your time effectively. Bar None Review’s proven techniques help you organize and learn how to develop the approach and structure for your performance test answer.

Essay and Performance Test Grading
Submit selected essays and performance tests and receive detailed feedback to make sure you tailor your writing to the specifications of the California Bar Examiners.  Bar None Review’s detailed critiques help you find hidden issues, properly issue spot, and focus your writing. This will give you the edge you need to feel confident on exam day.  Essay writing is unlimited, however, on average, students submit between twenty-five and thirty-five essays.  This, of course, varies depending on the student’s personal needs.

Daily Progress Reports
Our students benefit from being held accountable on a daily basis. With progress reports, students maintain daily email correspondence so they can keep us updated on their progress and voice any questions or concerns that come up along the way.

Personalized Study Plan
Receive personalized study plans prepared for you based on your strengths, weaknesses, and individual availability.  Each study plan is organized with your success in mind.  Your study plan is tailored to hit your benchmarks and reach your goals to achieve the best possibility of making this bar round your last.

The Score Maximizer

Program includes:

Course Materials:

  • The Bar Exam Writing Template Book
  • Two Volume, California Essay Maximizer Books (Contains over 100 past California bar essays and answers)
  • The Performance Test Maximizer Book and video instruction course
  • The Bar Exam Cram Sheets
  • Course Outlines for all bar tested topics
  • Evidence Outline Book (Printed with color-coded California distinctions)
  • MBE techniques and strategies to master the MBEs

Course Details:

  • Mentoring and Tutoring
  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Phone and email support
  • Personalized and tailored study plan with benchmarks
  • Essay and Performance Test grading
  • Bar Exam Cram Sessions
  • The Bar Exam Final Review
  • Early access to the Bar Exam Guru’s predictions and essays based on those predictions


  • Access to Bar None Review’s Digging Deeper series (weekly email series “digging deeper” into past exams to better prepare you for whatever the California Bar Examiners throw at you)

Course Dates:

Score Maximizer Classes:

July 2017 course dates to be announced!

Cram Session Classes: (Included)

June 3rd & 4th, 2016

July 8th & 9th, 2016

NOTE: Additional Saturday Sessions will be held during the months of June and July (dates to be announced), including our Performance Test Maximizer coverage and Writing Maximizer coverage – all included in the Score Maximizer Program.

We work with each of our students to tailor a program specifically to your needs. For example, some of our Score Maximizer students attend all of our live class sessions, while others attend selected class sessions. We work with you to build a program that addresses your needs, maximizes your study time and provides you with the best opportunity to pass the bar exam. We continually assess your progress throughout your studies to ensure that you are making the improvement you need to make and to truly maximize your test scores and performance on exam day.