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Ben W,


I just got my bar results and I passed. Just wanted to say “thank you.” I am an attorney taker and could not have done it (after 25 years!) without your Bar Exam Cram Session Course! Thank you for all that you do for California attorney’s to be!

Lisa S.

Bar Exam Cram Session Student
THANK YOU LISA! My dream came true yesterday, I BECAME AN ATTORNEY. I was successful in law school and figured that I would have no problem with the Bar Exam. I took a nationally recognized bar prep course and didn’t pass the first or second time that I took the bar. I was devastated and looking for a solution. In comes Lisa and her tried and true methods to pass the bar exam. Bar None Review is one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you Lisa and to your amazing team!
–McKenzie Austin, ESQ (Feb. 2019 Bar Exam)

The Bar Exam Cram Session is a one-day crash course on everything you need to know to pass the California bar exam. Each bar round, the Bar Exam Guru, puts together a condense review based upon her bar exam predictions. You can now purchase the most recent Bar Exam Cram Session and view it online. You will receive access to the Bar Exam Cram Session videos immediately after you register.

It is so much more than just a one day “crash course,” the Bar None Review Bar Exam Cram Session also includes a study plan leading you through the last ten days before the exam, as well as a copy of our Bar Exam Cram Sheets™. Our Bar Exam Cram Sheets™ are condensed outlines organized in such a way that many of our students claim that “the essays write themselves.” Although, the Bar Exam Guru would not claim to be able to predict the essay topics, Professor Duncanson provides her “predictions” of likely essay scenarios along with sample essays to review in these highlighted areas. The Bar Exam Cram Session is one of the most popular Bar None Review California Bar Exam Prep Courses. All of this gives students real confidence on the exam – which ultimately leads to a high success rate.

What is the value of having the videos even if it is just days away from the bar exam? The Bar Exam Cram Session videos are not long, overly wordy substantive lectures. Instead, the videos draw attention to what the California bar examiners expect you to do and why, how to navigate the essays and guarantee extra points. For example, did you know that if you are tested on Defamation that nearly every time the released answers include a brief discussion of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress? Or that you are expected to discuss either the economic torts (interference with contract, interference with prospective advantage) or privacy torts(false light, intrusion into seclusion, public disclosure of private facts, or appropriation of name or likeness), even though the essay fact pattern does not have facts to support? If Defamation is tested on the bar exam, everyone will know that it is a defamation essay. However, most do not know the tack on issues that the bar examiners expect to see and reward you for addressing. This is the focus of the Bar Exam Cram Sheets, Bar Exam Cram Session videos and the Bar Exam Predictions.

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